Getting Older and You Want to Lose 5 Pounds? You Can Do More Than Just Lose 5 Pounds!

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There is plenty of information available to you, a vast majority accompanied with a video, regarding the correct procedures for exercise, weight training, and stretching specifically for that experience of realizing you have reached a point in your life where, well, you understand that you are getting older and there may be a few adjustments you need to make.

So, for the next few minutes, let’s take a viewpoint of ‘The Forest’ rather than any specific ‘Tree’ to create an understanding of how to properly lose those five pounds and simultaneously generate a variety of other, very important, health benefits.

How Diet, Sleep and Exercise Work Together

The combination of these three are considered by many to be the only real ‘Magic Bullet’ available for the human condition. Your mindset of wanting to lose five pounds and obtain more energy has already been created if you are reading this in detail. Now, to reinforce and to develop this mindset further, this focused mental intent, let’s go through how diet, sleep and exercise are connected individually to each other and how the three together can be a powerful combination for you.

  • If you exercise you will sleep better.
  • If you exercise you will be more inclined to eat better.
  • If the quality of your sleep improves, you will have more energy to exercise.
  • If you are feeling more refreshed not only in body but, in mind, from an improved quality of sleep; your decision making process will be more accurate and confident based on your desired results. You will consider carefully the foods you will put into your body, or, in other words; you will become more attentive to your diet.
  • If you pay attention to your diet, having thoughts in your mind relating to eating healthy, you’ll find the idea of exercising to be more appealing, almost drawing you in, as you want to enhance the effect of your diet by exercising rather than defeating it by sitting on the couch all day.
  • If you are eating in a healthy fashion, not pretending you’re 20 years old and having half a pizza and two chili hot dogs with extra cheese right before you go to bed is a good idea; you will most likely sleep better.

With the above in mind, you can see the various physiological aspects that come together as an influential combination when you have a true caring for your diet, sleep and exercise habits.

Bone Density: Nature is Efficient.

While you may consider yourself to be more advanced than the average bear; there is still the idea that we are all still connected to natural processes. The human body’s survival mechanism is based on the concept that life is a feast or famine proposition; automatically prepared for and always ready to adjust to a harsh and negative environment.

The result of the above is that if parts of the body are not used, then the body will reduce the priority of this unused ‘Area’ thus diverting energy away to be used for processes that have been classified as being more important. Obvious example; astronauts who spend a month or more in the weightlessness that is the environment of the International Space Station find they experience a decrease in bone density.

When we are young; are bones are like fresh, new, green tree branches. Supple and filled with water from the surface all the way to the inner core. As we age, our bones make their way to drying out and becoming brittle and the bone marrow within begins to shrink and dry out as well further contributing to this state of decay.

To tie all of the concepts above together; if you are not using your arms and hands, then all that compromises these parts of your body will begin to weaken as the body will ‘Declare’ them to be unimportant.

Walking is a great exercise, however, if you ignore the upper body; your shoulders, chest, arm, wrist and fingers, all of the components that enable you to rip open a tightly taped box and be able to grip and twist that small cap on a bottle of soda will decay with a greater degree of rapidity.

You need to understand that this is not only muscle but, is thought by many to be more of a function of all of the connective tissue, reaching beyond the just ligaments and tendons extending through the entire viscera of the body plus the strength and flexibility of the bones.

A brief summation would be if it is not being used; the body will not support it. The body will ignore any needs of that specific ‘Area’ and entropy will occur.

Stretching is Very Important.

Imagine you live on a street where the garbage pick is once a week and limited to a total of 50 pounds, yet you produce 60 pounds of garbage in that one week. After an eight week period, this would result in an accumulation of 80 pounds of garbage that you would have to have piled up somewhere.

Now imagine, if you would, that on this same street you get 20 pounds of food delivered each week yet you actually require 25 pounds of food per week. You now have an ever increasing deficit of five pounds of food ‘Missing’ each week.

This analogy is presented to you to understand how important the circulatory systems of the body, especially that of blood flow, are important to the overall vitality of life within the body.

A cursory examination of blood flow reveals that it primarily consists of two important factors; the removal of waste products, which if left inside the human body for too long can begin to take on a certain level of toxicity, and the denial of a sufficient level of the proper nutrients, the overall nourishment, needed for each cell in each part of the body.

Therefore, the above street scenario is a little disturbing.

The good news is, exercise and stretching force the body to work harder and pay attention to the specific parts involved in each exercise or specific stretch, and this has a positive influence on the proper functioning of removing waste and providing the necessary nutrients as the body now considers these ‘Areas’ to be necessary.

Proper stretching is designed to open, to expand, all of the joints in the body that want to become tight and constricting through lack of use. This expansion and increase in the ease of circulation allows the blood stream to properly do its two primary functions of removing waste products and providing the necessary nutrients to each cell.

Most importantly, this increase in circulation through exercise and stretching provides an increase in delivery of one of the most essential elements of life as we know it: oxygen.

If the cells of your body are deprived of breath; how do you think you are going to physically feel?

As you age, flexibility and the overall condition and functioning of all connective tissue begins to be compromised. Stretching is also more work, or exercise, than most you probably think. There are also therapeutic values, especially with a rhythmic, patterned breathing, that will calm the mind and emotions.

If you are getting older and you would like to lose five pounds in a week; go for it! However, consider the big picture concerning your overall health and well being and with the proper approach you will lose those five pounds and they will go away somewhere never to return.

And in the long run; you’ll feel a lot better on many different levels.

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