Power Drill – Most Useful Tools to Have at Home

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The power drill is the most fundamental tool that every homestead must possess. It assists you in a number of ways such as biding hangers, seal holes, placing anchors, and aids in hanging shelves. This is an important tool, and you should acquire the competent and the quality one. Consequently, this article will accommodate you with some of the essential tips and guide that should be used when buying, using and maintaining power drills.

Buying Guide

The following should be considered before purchasing drills.

Speed – drills have several speed options. There are those that drive screws in a slow speed while others drill holes with a more extraordinary speed. If you require a drill whose main function is for drilling holes, the best to use is the one with a speed range of 1000 rpm.

Chuck – a chuck is a place in a drill where the bit is inserted. It is of different sizes either ¼ inch, ½ inch, and 3/8 inch. 3/8 inch is suitable for home applications. The other sizes are suitable for heavy duty applications. These chucks can either be removed by a key or by hand. I advice you to consume a keyless chuck to avoid the risk of losing the key.

Power – power consumption attend another key factor that should be considered before purchasing. You should not buy a commodity that uses many volts since the higher consumption of volts the heavier it becomes. A cordless drill that consumes 14-16 volts is ideal for home use. On the other hand, corded drills consume power in amps. A cordless drill that uses 8 amps is perfect for home use.

Types of Drills

Cordless drills

Hitachi 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill- this is a dominant drill and is suitable for more massive projects. It has a light illuminator to grant you a unobstructed view when completing your projects. It weighs 3.5 pounds which make it suitable.

Craftsman Evolv 18.0 Volt Cordless Drill/Driver – this drill has a keyless chuck which reduces the risk of losing chuck key. It is a effective tool suited for massive projects with 18 volts. It incorporates an additional feature, LED illuminator, which provides clarity while working.

DEWALT 12-Volt Max 1/4-Inch Cordless – this is one of the most dominant drills with a keyless chuck, variable speed, a forward and reverse clutch, and adjustable clutch. It weighs just 2.2 pounds making it suitable for home projects.

Corded drills

MAKITA Drill – it has less power options but has variable speed which makes it suitable for home applications.

DEWALT – it is a basic drill with power options of 8 amps. It incorporates features that makes it suitable for home applications. This corded drill is good for you in case the cordless drill runs out.

Milwaukee 1/2-Inch – this type of drill has many power options which makes it ideal for massive projects. It has a keyless chuck making it ideal for home use.

Tips for Maintenance of Drills

Battery – if you require your battery to live for a sustained period you should be aware of the temperatures. Just like phone and laptop batteries, drill batteries should be disconnected from chargers after use and permit them to cool.

Extension cords – you should use the type of cord that supports the power options of your drill. Laptop charger should not be used since they cannot hold this type of power. An extension cord that supports 8 amps should work better with your drill.

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