The Top Five Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid


You can make your kitchen look amazing during a remodel, but you need to make sure that you have space in your kitchen for the barrel full of monkeys who will run through there every day. You need room for all your appliances, and you need improved plumbing. You need more cabinet space, and you need to have counter space for your smaller appliances. The five tips below will help you avoid all the kitchen remodel mistakes that you might have made had you not planned this out thoroughly.

New Plumbing

A lot of people remodel their kitchen without ever touching the plumbing, and they wonder why they have such a hard time with the kitchen after it is finished. The problem is that you did not move everything to the place where it would be most efficient. You put in that brand new sink, but it would have worked better if you moved it over by the window. You needed a better way to get water to the fridge, but you did not move the pipes so you could run a water line up there. Ask the contractor to tear up the floor, move the plumbing, and position everything in the best spot possible.

New Floors

You need to have new floors in your kitchen that will be easier to clean and safer to walk on. You cannot just put the same carpet down that you had before, and you certainly cannot waste your time with that old carpet you had. You should get tiles or hardwoods that will be easy to clean, and they will be really simple to install. There is no point in staining that old carpet yet again.

New Paint

You have to do more than just get new cabinets with more space, new counters with more space, and new appliances. You have to have new paint or wallpaper on the walls. You need the walls to sing when you look at them, and you will find out that you can make the room bigger if you use the right color paint. Go with pastels to open up the room, and it will look like a completely new space.

Not Enough Space

You have to have enough space for everything that you own in the kitchen. Your kitchen has to be a place where you can stow everything away and it will be hidden behind a cabinet door. Obviously, you need special cabinets for this, but you can ask the people on the job how to make these cabinets, and you can get bacinets that were made just for you and the things that you plan to do in your kitchen. This is a much easier way to get storage, and you can even come out of it with a pantry that you will really enjoy using.

New Lighting

You have spent all this time on space and appliances. You have had your gas stove installed, but you cannot see anything because you still have that old light fixture that is hanging from the ceiling. It makes much more sense for you to use a new fixture that will spread light around the room. Get something that is updated and modern, adn you will really enjoy the room because you have light shining on every surface while you cook.

Avoid these mistakes when you are remodeling your kitchen because you want the space to be perfect. Each step you take to make the room better should help you be sure that you will have a place to cook that is easy to use, has storage, and it is easy to see.

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