Wall Mount VS Speaker Stand: Which Option is Better?

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Figuring out where to put can be quite an enduring job. Which area of the room will provide you with an adequate amount of balance and is going to give those listening, optimum sound performance? Below is a comparison article explaining the many advantages of having a wall mount vs a speaker stand.

Center Channel Home Speaker

No home theater is complete without a decent center channel speaker backing it up. Not only does it provide listeners with up to 70% more soundtrack quality, this particular type of speaker is also geared toward directing the sound dialogue to one certain speaker as well. By the way, it’s of the utmost importance to place your speaker in an area that’s most enjoyable to movie viewers.

Due to the fact that channel speakers can be easily placed in various places like entertainment stand cabinets, most individuals choose this option instead of exploring the realm of wall mounts vs speaker stand. If you so choose this particular method, then you will probably have to plug the port in to prevent the sound from being muffled.

For those placing the center channel speaker inside of a cabinet, try to keep it close to the cabinet’s edge. when doing so, make sure that there is nothing in front of the speaker which may block it from properly distributing sound.

Another thing to take into consideration is the height of speaker from the ground up, which should be as close as possible within earshot. Please take note: Because the tweeter is an important directional component of the speaker, it’s essential to within ear level of those listening. The average person’s hearing level is roughly three feet above the floor when sitting and channel stands are generally no more than two feet from the ground, making it difficult to get enhanced sound quality.

Therefore, if you do not have a cabinet or shelf to sit the channel speaker upon, then your other option is a wall mount. For those who can only have a channel stand, it’s better to find a speaker that can be placed at an angle, or something which you’re able to move around until finding the ideal spot where the sound is directed upward.

Center Channel Speaker Ruling: Mounted on Wall or in an Entertainment Center

Front Channel Speaker

For a better music listening experience front channel speakers are of the utmost importance in your entertainment setup. However, if you already have tower speakers, move on to the next section because they’re meant to stand on the floor. But if your speaker is going to be placed upon a cabinet or bookshelf, the same rules apply as for a center channel, putting it within earshot.

Surround Speakers

Introducing surround speakers, which have been specifically designed to provide you with high quality ambient and background sound. These speakers usually work better if they’re above hearing level and between four to six feet off of the floor. And six to seven feet for both bipole and/or dipole speakers, this helps to diffuse the sound. You usually do not want to place surround speakers any lower than four feet, therefore it’s best to resort to a wall mount.

Permanently Placed Speakers

Another thing you want to take into consideration is if you’re going to mount the speakers on a wall, since they’ll be secured in place. That being said, a benefit of having stand speakers is your ability to place them practically anywhere you desire. Therefore, keep that in mind when deciding on the type of speakers you wish to get. Especially if you tend to rearrange the furniture every few months.

In Conclusion

The above information should help you have a better understanding of speakers and how to set them up. Good luck on your future entertainment venture!

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