Ways to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone without Backup


It’s very frustrating to have to deal with loosing data on your phone, especially nowadays that pretty much everyone lives in their phone. whether it’s contacts, photos, apps, or even notes. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of having to rebuild data and try to reconnect with people and ask for their contact info, it’s just not practical.

There are so many reason how you can loose your data, and you hear enough horror stories from family members, friends and co-workers all the time, on how they couldn’t recover their data!

Imaging having an important meeting that you are supposed to do a presentation at, but you get stuck in traffic because of a car accident, you try to call your boss, but the contact number is gone! You panic, you look at your watch and you know you will get in trouble if you don’t call to explain the tardiness! At the same time, your head is spinning because you have no idea where the contact number is, then you start to notice that other contacts are missing as well! What exactly happened! Well, an iOS upgrade is what happened, and it’s totally out of your control. or when you are not so wasn’t very familiar with iTunes but still try to do a sync, and instead you the mistake to wipe everything, and restore the phone to factory default!

Below are very common ways how people lose their data:

  • Deleting your data by mistake.
  • unintentionally setting your phone to Factory Default.
  • Unable to access the phone due to broken screen or water damage.
  • iOS update causing data loss or corruption.

The good news is, you no longer have to worry, because this powerful and user friendly tool will not disappoint you. The app is called iPhone contacts recovery and it’s made to recover deleted or lost contacts, it’s compatible with different series of iPhone devices such as 5, 6, 6S and 10.

The following steps won’t only help you restore your lost and deleted contacted on your iPhone but will put a smile back on your face as well.

Step1: Install, Run the Program and Connect Your iPhone to Computer

After you download and install the iPhone contacts Recovery program on your computer, you will have the option to select Windows version or MAC. In this instance we will cover steps for MAC. You need to connect your iPhone to a Mac through the USB cable. iTunes must be installed prior to this.

Note: This programs offers 3 recovery options to better fit your needs, which includes recover from iOS directly, restore from iTunes backup and restore from iCloud backup.

Step2: Start Analyzing and Scanning Your iPhone Device

The next step here will focus on the recovery mode. Once you select ” recover from iOS device” then it will immediately analyze and fully scan your iPhone internal memory and cache space. The whole scanning process will continue for minutes based on the data size. This might take some time, so please hang in there.

Step3: Ability to Preview All Scanned Data and Recover accordingly

Now we come to the most important part, which is restoring your deleted and lost data to your iPhone! After you have scanned your iPhone, you’ll be able to view deleted data found on your device and select what’s needed using the search feature to quickly find the specific contacts.

It’s good practice to backup you iPhone data, but if for whatever reason you find yourself in a panic mode where your contacts are lost, this iPhone Contacts Recovery app will sure help you retrieve theme in no time. The app is developed by experts who specializes in software. It’s user friendly,compatible with many iPhone versions and with most windows operating system as well.

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