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Painless 2018 should be your goal and you can do this by bringing wellness into your home and off the computer. Even if you have been doing things to keep well in your life, you always need more. Here are eight fantastic doable wellness hacks you can bring into your weekly routine to stay well and be well in 2018 and on into the future.

Plants! Yes, Plants Better Air

The air you breathe inside your home is just as important as getting fresh air outside of your home. I live in Colorado and yes the mountain air is fabulous but once you get in Denver and around the surrounding areas, the air has pollution and dryness. Humidity is what helps clean air. When I lived in South Florida the air was clean to breathe thanks to the crosswinds of the Atlantic ocean, the Carribean Sea, and the tons of humidity. So what I do is have a couple of air purifying plants inside my home that can help clear the air. Plants like mother-in-law’s tongue, indoor ivy, and indoor ferns are a great start to help clean the air in your home.

Wheel Yourself Around Yoga

Gymnastic is a great way to keep yourself flexible and limber. Not all of us can do gymnastics, but you can get some of the same benefits with the Yoga Wheel. Stretching across a yoga wheel gives you support in your stretches. The support also brings your stretches to another level where you feel like you are floating. Walmart has a cheap yoga wheel for $15.00. A small price to pay to stay healthy.

Vitamins Inside and Out

Vitamin C is a great way to keep your skin from aging. Ther are serums which helps but nothing is more beneficial than eating your dose of vitamin C daily. Broccoli, papaya, apples, and of course oranges all are great options to help you get vitamin C for ageless skin.

Edible Essentials

In your local natural food store, there are food grade essential oils that can help maintain your beauty inside and out. You can also experiment with the food grade essential oils in your cooking. Always make sure the essential oils you consume are food grade because some essential oils have fillers that are not consumable and you do not want to confuse the two.

Going Somewhere? No, Don’t!

If you need a vacation, look at your home in another way! You can bring the spa to your home and have a staycation right in the comfort of your home. Your bath can be filled with skin softening natural products. You can buy plush pillows to rest with cucumbers on your face or oatmeal on your skin. Save money and relax in your own home doing all you would do at a spa. You can even call in a masseuse or two for a couples massage in the comfort of your own home.

Skinny No More, Strength Is In

Being too thin is becoming a thing of the past. The trend for this year is strength. You can do so much more with a strong body. Workouts focusing more on strength helps people with balance and brain power.

After the Workout, More Care

Post workout, you want to focus on taking care of yourself. Drinking some water or a healthy juice. Making sure you are stretched out and feeling okay is important. A good shower and lots of good breathing are always important activities after your workout.

Hair Care, Always

Buying the best quality shampoo and conditioner is really important for good hair. Putting natural products on your hair like mayonnaise and hot oil can help balance the moisture in your hair. Not washing your hair every day but every three days can also help restore the healthy oils in your hair. Do you ever wonder how guys have such nice hair? Some of them just don’t wash it. Hair care always is important to keep hair strong and beautiful.

2018 is just around the corner. Take the time to take care of yourself with these few ideas for natural care form the inside and out.

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