What Does Purple Stand For In Purple Crying?

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There comes a time in every mother’s life when her baby will turn from sweet and snuggly to harsh and twisted while crying nonstop. The first thing any mother would think is that she did something wrong. Then you start to wonder if your baby is sick or maybe its colic? You know that such intense crying like this can’t be normal.

According to pediatricians, babies go through a certain period called, “purple crying”, which is changing what we thought we knew about colic and other common conditions. Now, pediatricians, are working on educating parents on the subject, to help relieve them of worrying.

Babies who go through a higher marked phase of what is known as, “purple crying” are usually diagnosed with colic, and given medication, explains Dr. Ronald Barr. when such a crying phase is actually totally normal.

When you consider the term given to this phase of constant crying, “purple” you may think it makes a lot of sense as when a child has a serious tantrum, their face can turn a shade of violet. However, the word purple is actually an acronym that explains what is involved in this period, more thoroughly.

P – stands for peak of crying

During a purple period, crying episodes may gradually build up over the weeks and can last until your baby is around two months old. Then it will slowly die down until your baby reaches four months old. That’s when the purple period finally ends.

U – stands for Unexpected

This means that your baby can start crying without any obvious trigger, even when everything seems to be going well.

R – stands for resists soothing

It can get very frustrating when your baby is crying continuously and you try many different ways to comfort and soothe him/her, but nothing seems to work. It is important to just keep pampering your baby though, even while knowing, it won’t necessarily stop him/her from crying.

P – stands for pain-like face

Although doctors say that it may look like your baby is in pain, while crying so much, it’s only a part of the purple. Yet these episodes are very heartbreaking to a parent.

L – stands for long lasting

You may think that five hours a day of crying is a lot, but truth is that babies who go through these purple periods can actually cry continuously, nonstop.

E – stands for evening

Many of the parents who have babies going through the purple phase claim that their baby cries mostly around late afternoon, in the evening, or late at night.

The only reason for identifying the purple crying phase is so that it could be explained to parents, helping them to understand that during child development, it is normal but unfortunately, there is no cure.

However, what every parent should keep in mind is that all purple crying consists of is just crying and nothing more. Therefore, if your baby should start to vomit, have problems gaining weight, or have any other symptoms, please consult your pediatrician immediately as this could be the results of a serious illness.

In the future purple will remind you that there are times when you need not worry. As long as you take good care of your baby, show them plenty of love and affection, and never let any harm come to them, they will be fine. The only problem is for you to try to get through it all with just a few hours of sleep at night, which it will help to know that soon it will all be over and you will be able to get a good night sleep again.

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